Bas der Weduwen started as Consultant

Bas der Weduwen started as consultant

My name is Bas der Weduwen, I will be working as a Social Sales consultant for Martijn Rijk starting Jan. 2023. Here I will mainly be busy with sales and online marketing. I finished my degree six months ago and have been living on my own since a few months. I hope that through this employment I can learn what is important to thrive in the sales field, and I am convinced that Martijn can provide me with the right insights. I myself already have experience related to sales but am convinced that I can develop these skills to a maxime at Social Sales, this because the company is almost entirely focused on its relationships and cannot function without a good relationship with relevant individuals. This is something I can admire very much.

As a Social Sales consultant, my goal is to be able to help existing clients and partners well where needed, while also establishing new relationships that make both parties happy for a long time.