and let your network work for you We help you succeed in social business

We help you succeed in social business

and let your network work for you

Traditional sales is out...

At Social Sales, we help Sales and Sales Management to get more out of online and social media. We coach companies to get on the radar of prospects without cold acquisition to generate more qualified leads with the right effort.
CRM: consulting and implementation
LinkedIn training
Sales training
Sales coaching
Social Media Monitoring
Online Customer Contact

Let's talk

Listening, sharing and talking

Do you want to grow your business? Build better relationships and get more customers? Then listen, share and talk on a personal level, using online and social media tools. Gather information to understand your relationships and communicate on a personal level.
We work from the Social Sales DNA: Data, Network and Attention. Data allows you to map and analyse your network in order to pay optimal attention to relationships and customers.
We gather information, make connections and place it in the right context. As a result, you are relevant to your customer and prospect at the right time, and your sales organisation can work much more effectively.

What can we do for you?

Social Sales provides strategic advice on new business sales, lead generation and online marketing to sales, sales management and boards of directors. Together, we achieve satisfied customers and ambassadors.
We help sales teams and management to get more business from online and social media with as goal of reaching prospects without cold acquisition and to realise qualified leads.
We do this with coaching, on-the-job training and the use of tools. We work with Databox, LinkedIn, OBI4wan, SalesFeed, SalesFlare and SalesStep.

We work online and digitally

We work from Rotterdam and Tilburg, centrally located in the Netherlands. We prefer to meet our clients and relations offline. For this, we drive to addresses in the Netherlands and Belgium in an environmentally friendly way. For other distances, we work digitally via video meetings.
We work from the DNA philosophy: Data, Network and Attention. With the possibilities of data and information and the proper use of the network, we realise optimal attention for relations and customers.
Would you like to make an appointment to get acquainted? Then look in our calendar and schedule your interview immediately.


My passion is to give your sales the energy and pleasure for prospecting, so that they become successful in their work and give the right energy to your relationships.
Social Sales works with pleasure for

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