More insight into website leads

Getting practical with your website's opportunities  

In practice, B2B companies have little visibility into the quality of their Web traffic. You have no direct influence on Google and the insights from Google Analytics. Compared to Google Analytics visitor numbers, you get very few calls and emails from new customers every day. Of course, it's nice to see how often an article is read, how often a page is found via Google or Bing. But you don't get real insight about who is visiting your website and what that prospect is interested in.

On command additional traffic regelen from your target audience, through Google Ads is of course possible, provided you invest heavily in the right keywords and content. But what content is best read by your visitors? Which prospect is really interested in your company?

Your web traffic has hidden opportunities every day and is an important source vear more and detailed marketing insights.


Let's leverage your web traffic more completely together

  • Get instant good and warm leads
  • Know which content is read best (read longest)
  • Understanding which surprising industries are visiting your website
  • More information from your Google Ads campaigns
  • Input for LinkedIn to connect with your website visitors

Taking a step in the right direction within 4 months, for only €750.

  • 4 months of insight into your web traffic
  • 4 months of access to lead information on your website
  • Advice from a senior online marketing specialist to achieve your commercial goals
  • 3 substantiated improvement projects for your online marketing activities and sales approach
  • Prospect list of 50 companies (worth Euro € 300 at the Chamber of Commerce) to start working with proactively immediately 

More insight = more leads. Get started right away!

In our experience, more insight into your website traffic and connection to LinkedIn is a valuable aancomplement SEO and SEA to increase the number of leads. Want to explore this method of lead generation? Request an introductory consultation immediately!

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